Michel Duijves - clarinet, bassclarinet & tinwhistle

Michel studied classical clarinet at the Conservatoire in Alkmaar. After his study he concentrated on jazz and modern improvised music. Nowadays he is focussed on folkmusic.
This music has always fascinated him: travelling abroad he often found himself looking for the music native to each place - Macedonian folkmusic in former Yugoslavia and music from the Cevennes in France. Michel started to play Irish and Scottish folkmusic in 1990 with McMugge and slowly developed his own style playing Celtic folk on the clarinet and bassclarinet. From 1995 on he visited England and Ireland many times to deepen his feeling to Celtic folk. Meeting musicians like Karen Tweed and Brian Finnegan worked as a catalyst!

Michel (the Crazy Clarinettist) founded Maalstroom in 1999.

Michel has a widely musical interest; playing jazz & improv with Bite the Gnatze, traditional Irish folk with Mind the Midgie and klezmer & more with the Jewish Musicband,.