Gilles Rullmannfiddle, guitar & background vocals.

Born into a musical family (his parents played in the folk-band Crackerhash) Gilles took to playing the Irish fiddle at an early age. In his college years he spent a lot of time in Ireland perfecting his art, even teaching Irish fiddle at University College Dublin’s Traditional Music Society for a year. He then spent the next few years travelling a lot. As a white-water kayaking guide in Europe and travelling through South America he was away from Holland for a while, but could be found with a fiddle around French campfires, on Patagonian boats and in Peruvian bars.
Travelling widens the horizon, which expanded Gilles' repertoire from the swing and melancholy of Irish music to music from Israel to Venezuela and from gipsy-jazz to his own compositions - played with passion, precision and a lot of fun!
Back in Holland since 2002 Gilles has been playing music full-time, in different bands and lineups. He's also much in demand as a teacher for fiddle lessons and workshops because of his unique and enthusiastic approach to teaching music.
Gilles is featured on a handful of albums, amongst which his 2002 solo-cd my eyes, Tjane’s Mark (2005), and janos & gilles, which was released at the end of 2007.
He joined Maalstroom in 2004.