Job Cornelissen - vocals, percussion

Job Cornelissen has been listening to different styles of traditional music since his teens, with a special appetite for irish traditional music. He has been playing percussion on a low-key level since then, in a funkband and with friends at home.
After a career in contemporary dance and theatre he picked up the bodhrán and started to play traditional music as well. From that moment, playing music was serious bussiness!
He was involved as a bodhranplayer on 3 tracks on ‘From The Wood’ and has been a member of the band since 2005.
Along the way he was catched by the bones and the cajón, a sophisticated teabox, which now are also involved in his percussion-playing for Maalstroom. As last but not least he is the singer
of the band.
He currently makes a living of performing music, dance and theatre, creating dance- and theatreshows and teaching contemporary dance.
Besides that he is trainer/coach with an emphasis on the body, coming from the idea that the body is an entrance to a better contact with one’s inner self and through that with one’s surroundings.